The Scarlets Supporters Trust
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Welcome to the official website of CRYS16 - The Scarlets Supporters Trust

The Llanelli Scarlets Supporters’ Trust was officially launched at Stradey Park on January 24th 2007. The Trust unveiled their new name, which is CRYS16. This welsh acronym stands for Cefnogwyr Rhanbarthol Y Sgarlets and translates as Scarlets Regional Supporters. However, the word “crys” in Welsh means shirt and the Trust is the 16th man in the team.

What do we think CRYS16 can do ?

We want to build a democratic, independent organisations that collectely represents the voice of the scarlets supporters and also help the Scarlets by raising ideas and issues that are fed back from our members.

We also want to financially support the Scarlets by raising funds through fundraising activities.

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